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Digital track and trace with AIT Central

Fighting illicit trade together for over 10 years

The 2014 Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) and WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) enforces a new set of traceability requirements for tobacco products. blue-infinity AIT Central suite of solutions addresses the challenges of this new regulatory framework with digital serialisation, track and trace, and authentication to help ensure compliance and  supply chain integration from A - Z. 

AIT Central has a strong industry presence and is deployed across over 400 production lines across 1,600 tracking locations in 105 countries, with over 10billion items tracked.

New compliance requirements

Under the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD2) manufacturers are now forced to monitor the movement of goods across the entire supply chain, from the factory, warehouse and 3rd party logistics provider, right up to the first retail outlet.

Complying with these new regulations poses new challenges for supply chain management that impact all stakeholders of the supply chain, a modification of current business processes, the management of massive data volumes, multiple systems integration such as Master data, ERP and all requiring new expertise and know-how. For this, you need a global view of the solution from the beginning.

Compliance with AIT Central by blue-infinity

AIT Central responds to compliance concerns and covers the full product lifecycle from digital serialisation to track and trace, right through to authentication.

We provide solutions for digital serialisation, track and trace, and authentication.

blue-infinity is an official reseller of these three technologies.

Overcome the challenges

In projects large or small, manufacturers often focus on their production line, but from blue-infinity’s experience, 80% of the focus is actually related to the remainder of the supply chain.

To ease implementation, AIT Central is packaged in a modular way, to help secure timelines and costs. blue-infinity understand the challenges of tobacco manufacturers and have developed an efficient time to market approach, allowing rapid evaluation and deployment of the solution.

To overcome significant supply chain impact, phased approach retro-planning integration activities are strongly advised. Some tobacco manufacturers started track and trace activities several years ago, and are still rolling out the solution across their entire supply chain. Tracking and tracing is not only about systems. Packaging, engineering, factory, warehouse processes and IT are all concerned.

We thus encourage the securing of timelines, and scope sooner rather than later, to allow manufacturers to continue to manage their core business with minimum downtime.

The only experienced end-to-end integrators worldwide

blue-infinity has worked with industry leaders to develop this technology and a specifically designed service package for over 10 years. We are today the sole experienced integrators of the full solution worldwide. Our unrivalled experience means unmatched business, legislative and technical understanding, lower cost and quicker turn around for our clients.

We deliver a fully integrated and automated authentication solution that is adapted to the specific industry or market and that conforms to their regulatory requirements. Clients demand on-time and cost-efficient delivery, with full understanding of their business imperatives.

AIT Central is forward-looking as it learns and continually evolves with experience. Manufacturers benefit from sharing implementation knowledge between each other, such as print technology on pack to meet aggregation performance, and retro line fitting for timely implementation.

Bespoke services for all industries

Our dedicated team comprises experts who work with clients and stakeholders, providing packaged services in analysis, implementation, project management, architecture design, security, development, integration, hosting, training and support.

blue-infinity's service packages have been designed to allow businesses to seamlessly deploy our solution. We work together with your teams to impart knowledge and expertise throughout your project to ensure faster autonomy.

Trusted by brand owners

“We strongly recommend blue-infinity as an integrator.”

Senior Manager, Anti-Illicit Trade
Philip Morris International

“blue-infinity made JTI feel comfortable and well equipped to deal with any challenges.”

Track and Trace Director
Japan Tobacco International

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"We are in collaboration with blue-infinity for many years on our Tracking & Tracing solution. Their excellent support services ensuring responsiveness and quality of back-up service are remarkable."

Senior Manager, Anti Illicit Trade Technology R&D at Philip Morris International