Implementation starts now for EU TPD II Article 15

It's all in the timing

By 2019, tobacco manufacturers producing or importing in the EU will have to comply with EU TPD II article 15 requirements when it comes to Track and Trace. While final requirements of the regulation are still pending clarifications from final act mid 2017, how manufacturers can get ready on-time with the right solution whilst ensuring day-to-day manufacturing is unaffected? 

Go-live 2019

Regulation go-live is planned in 2019 and traceability measures will have to be carried out, no matter the final requirements as manufacturers will have to monitor their products and associated movements in the supply chain to make sure they operate according to regulation.

Complying with these new regulations poses new challenges for supply chain management that impact all stakeholders of the supply chain, a modification of current business processes, the management of massive data volumes, multiple systems integration such as Master data, ERP and all requiring new expertise and know-how. For this, you need a global view of the solution from the beginning.

Associated risks for starting 2018

It's important to start traceability initiatives by 2017 and to address urgencies now.

  • 2018 is a potential bottleneck in terms of resources on traceability providers side as all manufacturers requiring support in that year
  • Multiple projects will have to be completed in parallel: serialization, aggregation, tracking during a short period of time involving manufacturing, supply chain and the IT department
  • Interfacing ERP data to the tracking repository and ensure data quality is a time consuming process that has to be completed before go live
Implementation challenges

By starting implementation in 2017 there are several benefits, as well as alleviating other risks. These include:

  • Production process including traceability requires expertise and 2017 could be used to ramp up this expertise internally
  • Define print templates and production master data
  • Opportunity to define internal processes and assess it
  • Other manufacturers started production years ago with the system and are still working on improving processes to meet high quality and efficient operations
How we can support you

blue-infinity's digital tracking solutions fully respond to compliance requirements by covering the full product lifecycle from digital serialisation to track and trace, right through to authentication. blue-infinity teams support manufacturers since early 2000s in this context and can retro plan activities to secure timelines and costs.

Having collaborated since 20 years with small and medium enterprises, as well as global players, we imperatively understand the budget, time and resource constraints for each and provide already adapted service packages. If you would like more information about blue-infinity's track and trace solutions, please contact us.

Recent success

Landewyck Tobacco, a Luxembourg-based SME active in over 40 countries, is proud to have completed their Track & Trace pilot with blue-infinity.

"As a tobacco maufacturer facing regulation, it's crucial to have the right knowledge at our side."

Process and Project Manager, Landewyck Tobacco SA