Increasing mobility

Ferring Pharmaceuticals is a visionary, privately-held biopharmaceutical company recognized around the world.

Following our successful migration of their corporate intranet, our team expanded Ferring’s SharePoint platform into a mobile app, MyWorkPlace, to bring key collaboration resources into a simple and easy to use solution. Built with a UX design approach, this social and collaborative app brings intuitive and scalable features to an already solid SharePoint foundation to connect 5,000 employees in 60 countries.

Anywhere, anytime, any device

"My aim through the MyWorkPlace solution was to provide a one-stop-shop for our employees to access their collaboration resources" says Salim Guerid, Head of CIS Central Functions, Ferring International S.A.

As their employee mind-set becomes increasingly mobile-centric, it was vital to have an anywhere, anytime, any device solution. Fully accessible by a simple URL, several important collaboration features were implemented from news updates to social collaboration.

Increasing workplace connections

"Based on out of the box features, the solution provides a mobile-like experience without the burdens related to managing the lifecycle of an application," Salim adds. Interaction with colleagues is encouraged via social media features such as posts, photos, likes and comments, and the People Search and My profile features allow colleagues to be located, phoned, emailed and more. Ferring’s employees may connect from around the world, without having to be at their desks.

Better productivity

OneDrive access to personal documents in this allows files to be shared and added easily on a Provider Hosted App, and thus protected from any potential downtime threats. SharePoint workspaces can be followed to keep ahead of company developments and via the newsfeed feature, updates can be read, shared and commented on.

"The MyWorkPlace app is a cornerstone of Ferring social network and greatly contributed to building employee engagement across the company."

Salim Guerid, Head of CIS Central Functions, Ferring International S.A.