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More fun HR support activities at JTI

Making systems support activities more fun with a custom SharePoint solution

We have become an important technology partner of JTI and our solution proposed for registering Power User activities brings an innovative approach to reaching internal goals.

Increasing adoption

As their current platform was purely a static representation of list of system support activities, JTI wished to try out gamification approach in business and encourage a team aspect on the platform. blue-infinity proposed a custom SharePoint solution to completely revamp and replace the classic SharePoint 2010 user interface with a colourful branded and fun ‘game like’ approach. Taking the design to a new level, a blue-infinity Art Director, Front End developer and a systems integrator worked to deploy an interactive 3D game, called Power User Race.

New form of Activity Log

The JTI Activity Log platform promotes employee activities across four key categories - Maintain, Test/Improve, Change, and Train. Previously launched purely on SharePoint, the purpose of the tool was to allow Power User employees to record their activities performed throughout the year and collect points.  After submission, the automated points database calculates final scores that are reviewed and communicated to the Power Users.

Power User Race

Power User Race’s objective is exactly that – to simulate a race between employees and be rewarded. Also possible is the formation of Power User teams, and previously unavailable recording of team activity. The Power User Development Team can now distribute prizes, allocate bonus points and give grades easily and directly on the intuitive graphical interface, instead of a SharePoint backend. Technical constraints like deployment on IE8 were overcome with using an independent JavaScript interface in the front end.

More engaged employees

By making the activities recording system more user-friendly and fun, it aims to be more approachable, likeable and result in higher user adoption. Power User Race has been deployed to help animate development for 200 Power Users and from feedback to date, they’re having lots of fun!

“Working on this project with blue-infinity we very much appreciated the creative concept proposed, based on our generic outline. It was modern, unusual and perfectly reflected the game's purpose.”

Learning & Development Department Coordinator, JTI