blue-infinity case studies

More power to Romande Energie

Online Self-Service for Customers

Romande Energie, one of Switzerland’s largest utility companies, wanted to optimise their customer experience and simplify management of customer accounts.

    Simplification of tasks

    blue-infinity proposed a new Portail Pro that would help reduce call-center volumes by providing customers greater transparency and management of their energy consumption.

    Complex modelling

    The Portail Pro was Romande Energie’s first attempt to provide self-service account features, and required analysis and modelling of a number of complex business processes, such as moving client contract addresses and closing accounts.

    A particular challenge was to take existing data structures and pre-defined processes in an expert system like SAP, and make them simple and comprehensible to users from all walks of life.

    Ensuring delivery

    In order to deliver the features, we provided business analysis, defined user needs, information architecture and interactive design ideas, visual refinements, HTML development and usability testing.

    Our approach

    We designed interactive self-service functionality allowing customers 24/7 access to common functions such as bill payments, address changes and account opening and closing. 

    Our approach was holistic. It included the conduct of workshops with stakeholders to determine and prioritise features, provide technical analysis of SAP systems, develop use cases and flow diagrams based on user needs, create clickable prototype to test with users, create graphic design and content deck, and develop and implement their site in collaboration with Romande Energie’s SAP vendor.

    Romande Energie, as a leading energy distributor in Switzerland, wanted better digital tools to empower their clients.