Nespresso Demo Tool


We're working closely with Nestlé Nespresso in order to fully remodel one of their most critical sales elements - product demonstrations - involving thousands of employees at Points of Sale worldwide. The aim is to realise a number of improvements: increase demonstrator efficiency under one global tool whilst accommodating flexibility for market specifics, reduce maintenance costs and improve their management, ultimately boosting sales through heightened consumer awareness.

Salesforce. What else?

Salesforce was chosen as a solution for its ability to be rapidly delivered and swift scaleabilty to worldwide deployment, with both internal and external users, as well as its easy cloud and mobile access. It is a powerful platform with which features can be delivered via configuration, not code, and provides scope for other projects to be hosted on the same platform.

Our approach

blue-infinity is the largest Salesforce competency centre in Western Switzerland with 120 dedicated Salesforce experts and Salesforce Platinum Partner. We offer a unique blend of skills from business process analysis to UX, and deep technical expertise to enable clients such as Nespresso to leverage the maximum from Salesforce technologies, like the Salesforce Lightning Experience - the most recent, cutting edge, version of Salesforce’s user interface.


We're delivering the project with Agile methodology specifically adjusted to Nespresso and are fully leveraging Atlassian Suite to ensure high control of the project management stream. We advised Nespresso on technical alternatives to minimise the amount of code written and maximise the configuration work within Salesforce, in order to reduce implementation and maintenance costs. Our UX team leveraged specific methodology and the use of interactive prototypes to deliver high productivity screens. 

"Fantastic, wow, outstanding! I know our markets will be very pleased with this intuitive tool and its adoption will be so much easier as a result."

Michal Opieczonek, Global Trade Project Mnager Nestlé Nespresso S.A.