A stronger alliance with Gavi

Helping save children’s lives across the planet

Gavi Alliance wants to transform their existing internal platforms to digitally innovative tools, to help them better manage resources in their mission of saving children’s lives and protecting people’s health by increasing equitable use of vaccines in lower-income countries.

Spreading digital wings

In early 2015, the organisation embarked on a large digital transformation initiative with us, involving Salesforce and Microsoft SharePoint. The aim is to implement grant management into a CRM, using Salesforce for fundraising and donor management, and using SharePoint as a knowledge base.

Different projects are being run simultaneously and are converging towards a single vision, to increase transparency and efficiency. One of the lever is to build a robust data collection system coupled with a business intelligence tool to display dashboards with relevant information using engaging visuals, customised to user profiles.

Plenty of ambition

blue-infinity is the main partner for this ambitious initiative and Gavi, based in Geneva, is taking full advantage of our strong local presence, combined with our Quality Shore development centre in Lisbon.

An experienced crew

Our project team includes Data Analysts, Solution Architects, User Experience Consultant, User Interface Consultant, Front-end Developers, SalesForce and SharePoint Developers, Program Manager and Project Managers and assisted by Business Analysts from Vera Solutions.

Methodology in place is agile, supported by a set of tools to better respond to each step of the design and development process such as JIRA, Axure, Sketch, Zeplin and Slack.

On the horizon

In 2016, we opened an on-site Gavi Alliance IT Service Desk, catering for 300 Gavi staff, as well as mobilizing a kiosk where employees can make support requests.

Through innovative digital tools, we hope Gavi can save more children’s lives and protect people’s health by increasing the equitable use of vaccines in lower-income countries.