Tomorrow’s intranet

Ferring Pharmaceuticals is a visionary, privately-held biopharmaceutical company recognized around the world.

Our team took to migrating, rebranding and redesigning a corporate intranet, improving this highly visible and significant resource accessed by over 5,000 employees in 60 countries.

First steps

Significant to this successful migration was the efficient execution of project phases by our teams. Following a clean-up phase of 370 site pages, the scoping and planning of technical architecture made it easier to foresee the full complexity ahead and flag any risks to the client from the outset.

Involving our client

Parallel implementation was a key success factor. Involving our client on design choices during the technical phase meant both functional and technical framework behaviour could be synchronised with the new artwork to avoid later modifications, creating efficiencies.


Migrating an end-of-life 2007 platform to SharePoint 2013 was not straight forward but made possible through our partnership migration tool, Metalogix. SharePoint 2013 provides an optimum collaboration aspects, search engine, document classification, and handling of metadata.


Responsive design with Bootstrap JS brings flexibility and ease of implementation. The upgrade to the “My Links” application tool allows Ferring employees to one-click add favourite app links to their resources and tool portfolio, as well as easily find those links local to their market site.

To ensure a healthy and under-budget deployment in just 15 weeks, a phase of hyper care and change management followed go-live, of which all teams can now be proud.

"From a global perspective, the entire project team brought the valuable contribution needed to deliver this successful cross-functional project."

Head of Communication & Collaboration, Ferring