WHO digital pandemic simulation

Preparing the world for a pandemic by better evaluating vaccine demand

Due to limitations in global capacity in producing and distributing pandemic products, the Pandemic Influenza Preparedness (PIP) Framework of the World Health Organization (WHO) wishes to implement a global approach in pandemic influenza preparedness and response.

A demand for digital

The PIP secretariat requires a new tool to be used during and before a pandemic to manage vaccine demand.  Called the PIP Simulation Tool, it involves the capture, treatment and dissemination of data concerning vaccine availability, the country needs and the allocation of vaccines to those countries. blue-infinity is the trusted partner the WHO relies upon to provide this capability.

Pleasing multiple stakeholders

The tool allows routine simulations in order to identify operational bottlenecks that may emerge, foster an understanding of operational decisions and activities that are needed in managing a response to pandemic influenza and to maintain a state of preparedness. Stakeholders include donor governments, agencies, industry and the countries themselves.

Maximum project efficiency

Regular workshops and project sprints mean that specifications and validations can be efficiently achieved and we can educate the WHO about working in an Agile environment. Technologies involved include a .Net development and Angular frontend, Axshare for UX wireframing, SCRUM methodology, JIRA and Confluence.

This project is currently ranked the WHO’s fastest moving project in living memory, due to this highly efficient delivery.

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